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Kirby is very easily my favorite nintendo character, and it’s because they’re so simple.  Kirby literally just eats and fights for justice.  No romance, no complex and tragic backstory.  Literally just a pink puff ball that does the right thing and kicks ass.

Fucking love Kirby

Seriously, how can you hate someone who solves their problems by eating them?


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As a college student, currently really hungry with nothing to eat, I understand how hard it can be to get food. Sometimes you really just don’t have the money to eat and when you do, you waste it all on fast food instead of stocking up on cheap things because you’re so tired of Ramen Noodes and canned food you could barf. So, I’ve composed a list of recipes and resources that will fit a college kid’s budget and appetite. Don’t go hungry! <3

Ramen Noodle Recipes:

Mug Meals:

Microwave Recipes:

Recipe Generators

Other Resources

Reblogging because lord knows college kids aren’t the only ones that are broke.

Reblogging because “broke” tips also convey extremely well to Survival tips.

Learn to make something outta nothing.

for all the people starting college soon owo

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